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PANELS WITH Veneers and laminates

Sometimes the best panel for a job is a panel with a fine wood veneer on one side and a laminate on the other.  This may be where the interior of a cabinet is to be the laminate, but the exterior is the wood veneer finished to match other cabinet materials.

We produce these panels in one of two ways.  Either we affix a wood veneer to a melamine-backed panel, or we affix a wood veneer to a panel and use our on-site laminating equipment to laminate a foil to the back of the panel.

If a laminate is needed on both sides of the panel, we can do that too!

...and more!!!

Cut-to-size panels.  Let us cut your panels to your needed size.  Maximize your yield.  Know your cost.

Cross-grain panels.  Need counterfronts or other cross-grain (short grain) applications?  We can produce this for you.

Edgebanding.  For shelving, end panels, drawer sides, etc.

HPL Countertops. Let us know your needs.

Shelves.  Veneered, laminated and edge-banded, or vinyl- or paper-wrapped.

Drawer sides.  Veneered, laminated and edge-banded, or paper-wrapped.

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Hardwood Plywood

Veneers.  We manufacture plywood with a variety of hardwood veneer species such as: Maple, Birch, Cherry, Oak, Alder, and Poplar and even Bamboo.  Rotary cut and sliced veneers are available.  Architectural panels are produced.  We have established relationships with many of the top veneer producers who provide us with top quality veneers.  Many veneers are stocked, and those that are not can typically be brought in quickly to make your panels. 

Cores.  Plywood panels can be laid up on different cores.  We can lay up panels on veneer core, particleboard, MDF, and combination cores (veneer with mdf crossbands).  Cores and plywood panels are CARB certified.

Sizes.  In addition to the standard 4'x8' panels, we can also process panels in 5'x8', 4'x9', and 4'x10'.  Cross-grain (counter front) panels are also offered.  Smaller cut-to-size panels are produced.  Thicknesses range from the typical 1/4" to 3/4", to even thicker on a case-by-case basis. 

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